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Engagement Review

"Why do I need this review?" If you perform compilations and/or reviews (and no audits), you most likely need an Engagement Review every three years to satisfy state and/or AICPA licensing requirements. A peer review is an economical way to obtain an objective review of the quality of work you perform, with the goal of providing recommendations for improvement. The valuable result to your firm is risk reduction and peace of mind.

An Off-Site Peer Review can be much less expensive than the traditional On-Site review. If your firm qualifies, the Off-Site review makes good business sense.

"Will the review fit my budget?" It depends largely on the size and scope of your firm's engagements. The total number and type of engagements reviewed, level of service and the complexity of the engagements will all determine the Peer Review fee.

Typically, to review two compilation engagements without disclosures will result in a $1250 fee.

Our estimates include time spent by the reviewer planning the review, performing the review, communicating with the reviewed firm and finalizing the report and the working papers on the review. This fee also includes review and consultation with respect to the firm's letter of response, if applicable.

Knapp & Company, P.C. is committed to providing your firm with timely and effective Peer Review services. Contact us to learn more, or request a no-obligation Fee Estimate by clicking the link, left.